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The following links may prove of interest, though many in are in German only. If you know of others that should be added please let me know. Click on the titles.

German Castle Association
In German only. Based out of the castle Marksburg in Braubach on the Rhine river, this is the organizational headquarters.

Official Information - State of Bavaria
English (and other) language option

Destination Germany
Official travel information
English (and other) language option

Note: The following four German National Tourist Office listings all lead to the same website. They are listed here to provide individual contact information for each.
German National Tourist Office/New York
122 E 42nd St 52nd Floor
New York, NY 10168
(212) 661-7200


German National Tourist Office/LA
11766 Wilshire Blvd #750
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 575-9799

Email: gntolax@aol.com

German National Tourist Office Chicago
P.O. Box 59594
Chicago IL, 60659-9594
Telephone: +1 (773) 539-6303

Email: gntoch@aol.com

German National Tourist Office/Toronto
480 University Avenue
Suite 1410
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V2
Telephone: +1 (416) 968-1685

Email: info@gnto.ca

U.S. Military in Germany
A helpful site for those of you preparing for a military transfer to Germany. Most important - do not lose touch with Roads to Ruins.

So Much Material, So Little Time

The following is a list of material I have relied on for my research. Many of these books are in German only and are noted accordingly. Many are out of print, but may be found through used bookstores and online.

Book list
Title Lang Publisher
Medieval Germany: 1056-1273, 2nd Edition E Oxford University Press
The Origins of Modern Germany E W. W. Norton & Co. (Reprint: Basil Blackwell Publishing Ltd.)
The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe E Oxford University Press
Castles of Europe E Park Lane/Crown Books
Castles: Their Construction and History E Dover Publication, Inc.
German Castles and Palaces E The Vendome Press
Penguin Atlas of Medieval History E Penguin Books Ltd.
The Germanic People: Their Origin, Expansion & Culture E Barnes & Noble Books
Time to Travel: Travel in Time to Germany's finest stately homes… E Scnell & Steiner GmbH
Burgen: Zwischen Werra und Elbe G Greifen Verlag Zu Rudolstadt
Deutsche Ritter - Deutsche Burgen G C. Bertelsmann Verlag GmbH
The Germanic Invasions: the Making of Europe AD 400-600 E Barnes & Noble Books
Forts & Castles: Masterpieces of Architecture E Smithmark Publishers
Crusader Castles E Cambridge University Press
Burgenromantik der Fränkischen Schweiz G Verlag Fränkischer Tag
Castles: Concise Color Guides Series E Longmeadow Press
Gast im Schloss E Gast im Schloss Association
Die Deutsche Burg: Die Kunst dem Volke G Allgemeinen Vereinigung für christliche Kunst
Deutschland G Verlag von Ernst Wasmuth AG
Burgen und Schlösser in Deutschland G Mairs Geographischer Verlag
Castles of Germany E Stars and Stripes Publishing
Saxony's Finest Palaces, Castles and Gardens: Castle Routes E Administration of the Castles of Saxony
Burgen und Schlösser G
Hessen Touristik Service e.V.
Fereinregion Vulkanische Osteifel G/E Rhein-Mosel-Eifel-Touristik
Rheinland-Pfalz Burgen & Schlosser G Fremdenverkehrsverband Rheinlan-Pfalz
Deutsche Burgen: und Feste Schlösser aus allen Ländern Deutscher Zunge G Karl Robert Langewiesche Verlag
A History of the Middle Ages E Barnes & Noble Books
Warfare in Feudal Europe: 730-1200 E Cornell University Press
A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century E Balantine Books
Germany in the High Middle Ages c1050-1200 E Cambridge University Press
The Barbarian Invasions: History of the Art of War, vol.II E Bison Books/University of Nebraska Press
Medieval Warfare: History of the Art of War, vol. III E University of Nebraska Press
Life in Medieval Times E Perigee Book/G. P. Putnam's Sons Publishing
Castles and Fortresses E Metro Books/Michael Friedman Publishing Gp.
War in European History E Oxford University Press
Life in a Medieval Castle E Harper & Row (reprint, Thomas Y. Crowell Co.)
Life in a Medieval City E Harper & Row (reprint, Thomas Y. Crowell Co.)
The Medieval Castle E Barnes & Noble Books
The Cross & the Crescent: A History of the Crusades E Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Medieval Fortifications E Leicester University Press
The High Middle Ages in Germany: 1000-1300 E Benedikt Taschen Publishing
Cathedrals and Castles: Building in the Middle Ages E Harry N. Abrams
Castles E Wordsworth Editions Ltd.
The History of Chivalry and Armor E Portland House
World History Fact Finder E Gallery Books/W.H. Smith Publ.
Medieval Technology and Social Change E Oxford University Press
An Illustrated History of Arms & Armour E Wordsworth Editions Ltd.
The Medieval Soldier E Harper Collins/Barnes & Noble
Die Deutschen Burgen & Schlösser in farbe G/E Wolfgang Krüger Verlag
Medieval Fortress: Castle, Forts and Walled Cities of the Middle Ages E De Capo Press
Historical Atlas of the Medieval World: AD 600-1492 E Barnes & Noble Books
The Medieval Archer E Barnes & Noble Books
Anatomy of the Castle E Metro Books/Friedman-Fairfax Publishers
Weapons: An International Encyclopedia from 5000 BC - 2000 A.D. E St. Martin's Press
Castle E Houghton Mifflin Co.
The Medieval Warrior E BCL Press
The Flowering of the Middle Ages E Barnes & Noble Books
Castle: Cross Section E Dorling Kindersley
Cambridge Ilustrated History of Germany E Cambridge University Press
Medieval Civilization: 400-1500 E Barnes & Noble Books
Penguin Atlas of Ancient History E Penguin Books Ltd.
The Battle that Stopped Rome E W.W. Norton & Co.
The Medieval Underworld E Barnes & Noble Books
European Castle guide G/E B&B Verlag
Perlin deutscher Burgen und Schlösser G Deutsche Burgenvereinigung e.V.
Bamberg: The German Peoples' Dream City E Verlag Fränkischer Tag GmbH
German Castles, Palaces and Stately Homes E Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V.
Castles and Palaces of the Province of Hesse E Castles and Palaces of the Province of Hesse
Rhine Guide: from Mainz to Koblenz, 3rd ed. E Kunstverlag Edm. Von König
The Penguin History of Medieval Europe E Penguin Books Ltd.
The Early Germans, 2nd Edition E Blackwell Publishing
The Middle Ages E Mariner Books/Houghton Mifflin Co.
Warfare in the Medieval World E Pen and Sword Military
Burgen: Des Deutschen Mittelalters - Groundplans G Flechsig Stürtz Verlag GmbH,
Castles: A History and Guide E Blandford Press
Medieval Castles and Cities E Chartwell Books, Inc.
Castles and Warfare in the Middle Ages E Dover Publications, Inc
Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome E Penguin Books Ltd
A History of Engineering in Classical and Medieval Times E Barnes & Noble Books
A History of Architecture E Butterworths Group