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Size: 70,550 sq km
Population: 12.6 million
Capitol: Munich - 1,388,308
Other info:

The state has two Coats of Arms. Above is the more common version. At right is the formal formal coat of arms for Bavariaversion.

Bavaria is the largest state in Germany, taking up a full 20% of the national land mass.

Why should you go?

Easy, the formula is Bx6=

Bavaria, my favorite state
Bamberg, my favorite city, cafes in Marktplatz
Beer, the best in Germany, home of the famed Oktoberfest and the oldest brewery in the world, Bräuhaus Freising in Freising, just north of München.
Brochen (and other breads), best in Germany, and each town has its own distict offerings from local bakeries.
Bratwurst, don't even bother looking elsewhere

But, we're supposed to be talking castle talk, so throw in Burgen (castles) - more than you could visit in a lifetime, even if you lived there.

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