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Coat of arms for the German state of Rhineland-PalatinateRhineland-Palatinate

Size: 19,849 sq km
Population: 4 million
Capitol: Mainz - 202,756
Other info:

A key state for finding some of the cliff-edge castles we immediately envision when thinking of castles. The Rhine River runs the entire South-North length of the state, and the Mösel runs West-East to the Rhine. Just a few kilometers south of where it pours into the Rhine at Koblenz, the Lahn River pours in from the East. While not as studded with castles as the Rhine and the Mösel, the Lahn is worth exploring.

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Map of the state of Rheinland-Palatinate with links to castle areas link to Cochem and castles on the Mosel River link to Oberwesel and castles on the Rhein River link to castles in the greater Neustadt region